The SOJT Class Schedule Continues to be Polished in Response to Your Feedback.”

Please register early to experience the best footing, course designers and jump inventory.   We have smart and timely schedules so you can enjoy our hospitality.

The Silver Oak Jumper Show is one of the country’s highest rated, USEF–five star Jumper only Shows.  Featuring the country’s best grass and all weather GGT-footing, top course designers like Alan Wade. The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is true to its mission statement as “the rider’s horse show”.  The SOJT is owned and managed by a rider, and executed based on a motive to provide the best in customer service and hospitality with utopian conditions for our horses. It is designed at every turn to have a different feel than other shows.  Consistently rated in the NARG (North American Rider’s Group) top twenty five list for good reason.  Join us and experience something truly different where the magnitude of awards, presentations, jump inventory and meticulous attention to detail offers you something unique.  Be aware we sell out every year, limiting ourselves to 500 horses to ensure timely schedules and optimum conditions!

Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation
Show Dates August 17-21, 2016