The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Testimonials, Reviews & Rider Quotes

As a rider and a trainer I have to say the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament will be my top choice in 2015 when planning my schedule for next season. Right across the board I was very impressed with all aspects of the show from the competition surface, schooling surface, course design, prize money, stabling, jump inventory, hospitality and management.
Kevin Babington


This is the first time here for me and I couldn’t be happier. I have six to eight year-old horses and I wanted to give them the experience and mileage on grass. It’s hard to find shows where the field is absolutely perfect.
Ramiro Quintana

It’s beautiful. It’s really an amazing venue, We’re really lucky to be here.
Nicole Bellissimo

Winner of the SJHOF Junior/Amateur Classic

Jeff runs one of my favorite horse shows, there are big crowds of spectators, top course designers and I love the way he caters to all of us.
McLain Ward

Two time Olympic Gold Medalist

Everything about The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is special. The fact it’s jumpers only by itself sets it apart. The management attention to awards, ceremonies, owners, rider comfort, food and importantly one of the most well-conceived class schedules make it spectacular. The TV coverage, another first in my experience, was extraordinary. The property was amazing in every respect. It’s my owner’s favorite horse show and one of the few they will get on a plane for and if we had more shows like the SOJT we would have more owners.
Paul O’Shea

2013 Champion

This place is amazing. It’s the Spruce Meadows of the East.
Leslie Howard

United States Olympian

Jeff is a friend and the bottom line is it’s one of this country’s best run horse shows, we look forward to it every year.
Kevin Babington


It’s great. It’s amazing. There are not many places like this in the entire world. It’s my favorite horse show in North America.
Olaf Petersen

World Renowned Course Designer

I’ve worked with Jeff on this show for quite a while, it is true to its mission statement as the rider’s horse show, I wish there were more shows like this, it’s a favorite.
Peter Leone

Olympic Silver medalist

I think the facility and the horse show is absolutely fantastic. The show is run well, the field is beautiful, the footing is super, so it’s really enjoyable to be here. The people are so nice. I can’t say enough good things about it.
Darragh Kenny

Irish Rider

I wish there were more shows in America like this one. They they have fabulous footing. We don’t get to jump on grass very much anymore. It’s really just a pleasure to be here. I wish they had more weeks at this facility.
Allyson Shryoc

Amateur rider

The ground was fantastic today, there was a super crowd, they had a great band, there was great food and they thought of everything for the horses and the riders. I know the crowd had a great time!
Paul O’Shea

2013 Champion