The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

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One of the Country’s Highest Rated, Jumper Shows September 6 – 10, 2023

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The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament has sponsors from equestrian companies such as EquiFit, SmartPak and GGT the sports premier footing provider; to corporate companies such as Agero, the leading telematics company or the Cocoran Group our official realtor or Malvern Bank.

Check our track record as our sponsors return every year as we work diligently to ensure our sponsors receive the best value.  We are unique in the regard as we have a massive social media following and our ability to provide the visibility our partners deserve is truthfully somewhat unparalled.

We are one of a very few top sporting events that is a recognized 501c3 charity supporting dog and horse rescue programs such as Danny & Ron’s Dog Rescue and The Omega Horse Rescue Fund.

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Riders Demographics


are Women


are Married


have a college undergraduate degree or better


make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work

Annual Income

More than half have an annual income greater than $150,000

Hotel Stays

On average Show Jumping equestrians spend more than 30 nights in hotels in season on the circuit


The majority are between 34-54 years of age

Market Value

The market value of the average home is $594,000


have a net worth of over $500,000


own more than one home


own a dog or other pet besides their horses


own a truck