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Become a Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Sponsor: Increase Your Brand While Supporting Charitable Causes.

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, a premier show jumping platform in its fifteenth year, offers an exclusive opportunity for sponsors to align their brand with excellence in sportsmanship, audience reach, and philanthropy. As a tournament sponsor, you join a distinguished group of companies and individuals who recognize the affluence of this market and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of animals and athletes in need of our charity through our 501(c)(3) charity initiatives. The Silver Oak Jumper Tournaments takes place in Traverse City, Michigan.  Undoubtedly the most utopian show grounds in North America for the Summer Circuit.  We are proud to partner with Traverse City Horse Shows and the Morrissey management group.

Current and Long-Term Sponsors Returning Year After Year

Our prestigious event made possible with the decades long support of dedicated sponsors like Agero, The Davis McCullough Foundation, Canine Support Teams, Corcoran Realty, GGT Footing, Stud Tree, Riderzone, Fratelloi Fabbi, Equifit, Flex-on, Flexi Equine, Rood + Riddle, CWD, J. R. Hudson Horse Transport, TackNRider, Dalmon Jump Co., Jumper Bridle Elite, and Yorkfield Stables, to name a few.

These sponsors share our passion for research, finance, and expertise developed in support of the Kevin Babington Foundation, which aids equestrian show jumping athletes with spinal cord injuries.

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Difference

What sets the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament apart is our unique dual mission: we are not only a top sporting event but also a recognized 501(c)(3) charity. We proudly support dog and horse rescue programs, exemplified by the leadership of our title sponsor The Davis McCullough Foundation leading to the rescue of more than 14,000 horses and the eradication of horse slaughter.  Further we are immersed inseparably in support of the Kevin Babington Foundation supporting Olympians and riders otherwise living their worst nightmare.

When you become a sponsor, you become a vital part of this compassionate dual mission, contributing to the well-being of athletes, both human and equine.

Why Become a Sponsor

    • Exposure: Align your brand with a prestigious event attended by equestrian enthusiasts, professionals, and affluent individuals. Your sponsorship will be prominently featured, providing valuable exposure and recognition. Silver Oak is not just an event but also a year-round social media, web, and outreach communications platform with a significant number of viewers and extensive reach. 
    • Due to our dual mission, as a sponsor of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, you too will be affiliated with our charities. We spend a significant time throughout the year raising funds, for example, for The Kevin Babington Foundation. As a sponsor, we will continue to promote your sponsor relationship with our charities as well.
    • Networking: Connect with a diverse and influential audience, including fellow sponsors, riders, and equestrian industry leaders. The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament offers unique networking opportunities to forge meaningful connections.
    • Philanthropy: Demonstrate your corporate responsibility by supporting our 501(c)(3) charity initiatives. Your sponsorship not only promotes your brand but contributes to making your participation a tax deductible transaction.
  • Exclusive Access: Experience the excitement of world-class Show Jumping both in person and online through live streaming on, with exclusive access to VIP areas, hospitality suites, and special events during the tournament.


Analytical Evidence of the reach of The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament as a platform and important voice:


With an exclusive database of some 16,000 + email addresses unique to our status and communication professionalism. We reach this audience through Newsletters of carefully selected content all year long promoting our causes and sponsor brands.

DIrect Connections

Thus far in 2023 we have 208,000 direct contact connections with content of importance and interest to this lucrative market. 


Newsletter Open Rate

Our “open rate” for direct communication is more than 62% unheard of in the typical science of digital communication. It’s a result of our causes, expertise, and care.



Click Through Rate

22% click through rates, 37% to our Charitable platforms and channels, 26% who click through to our various sponsor sites, 15% additional through ClipMyHorseTV and Live Streaming direct to desktops.



Click To Sponsors

37% click through rate to our Charitable platforms, channels and sponsor pages.


Click To Sponsor ClipMyHorseTV

15% additional through ClipMyHorseTV and Live Streaming direct to desktops

Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Sponsor Testimonials

We have been involved from the first effort fifteen years ago, and we will always be involved. Our combined voice, the thousands of horses saved, and the rehabilitation of the athletes that the Kevin Babington Foundation supports are near and dear to our hearts.

Victoria McCullough
The McCullough Davis Foundation

We have partnered with Jeff and the SOJT for longer than I can remember; the marketing benefit and the gratification that come from the charitable donation can’t be overstated.

Dave Ferrick
Agero, President & CEO

Stud Tree is proud to be a delighted sponsor of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament. We’ve found that we receive more web sales through the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament than from any other sponsorship. Candidly, we not only gain substantial business benefits but also have a great deal of fun in the process.

Carol Coleman
Stud Tree LLC, President & CEO

Our partnership with the SOJT and the Kevin Babington Foundation not only demonstrates our leadership and the soul of who we are, but the power and reach of the voice achieved exceed our expectations.

Latonna Wilson
Rood and Riddle Equin Hospital, Marketing Executive

We achieve results year after year. The effort expended on Silver Oak’s part is quite extraordinary, in my experience. We also powerfully demonstrate our leadership in this market and support critical charitable causes we deeply care about: Equine Rescue and The Kevin Babington Foundation

Jeremy Greene
Cocoran Real Estate Group

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Riders Demographics


are Women


are Married


have a college undergraduate degree or better


make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work

Annual Income

More than half have an annual income greater than $150,000

Hotel Stays

On average Show Jumping equestrians spend more than 30 nights in hotels in season on the circuit


The majority are between 34-54 years of age

Market Value

The market value of the average home is $594,000


have a net worth of over $500,000


own more than one home


own a dog or other pet besides their horses


own a truck