Agero, Inc.

A Cross Country Group Company

Helping over 30,000 drivers every day through a unique combination of intelligent software and human power. As a pioneer of the driver assistance industry, our mission is to create stronger and lasting relationships between you and your customers.

In October of 1972, Agero (then known as Cross Country Motor Club), completed our very first roadside assistance service. It all happened in our Founder, Sid Wolk’s living room. Armed with a phone book, a pencil and pad of paper, and a rotary telephone, he made it happen. A lot has changed since that very first event, but a few things have stayed the same:

  • Our promise to provide valuable insight to our clients
  • Our maniacal focus on the customer experience
  • Incredibly talented and passionate employees
  • Continuous innovation and improvement as we look to the next 50 years

Stay tuned throughout the year as we take a walk down memory lane, celebrate our successes, and look to the future