GGT- FootingTM

World Class Footing Blends for Every Discipline

Since our establishment in 2008 and with 15 employees we were able to recycle 2,000 MT of residual Polyester substances and use it worldwide for new applications.

Ever since people started using riding arenas when working with their horses they were experimenting with the large variety of materials for the use as footing. In former times pure grass riding places were created, but soon one noticed that by constant riding on the hoof track the soil consolidated and with rainfalls it turned to a mud bath. People went searching for alternatives for grass footing and discovered the sand. Over years sand and arenas with sand – wood mixture were the standard. Some arena builders wanted to build something better and searched for new materials, which they found in plastic chaff. Since beginning of the 90's the first, new arena footings were created with geo textile or felt chaffs in Germany. This new footing which was regarded very critically at first by equestrians, owners of stable and arenas, turned out to be the optimal footing for dressage and jumping in the last 10 years. Footing with felt and fibers proofed to be the most successful solution in Germany and internationally.