A Thank You Letter From Kim

by | Sep 2, 2022

I am reaching out with the deepest heartfelt gratitude for the generous donations, texts, prayers, posts and calls from each of you. I wish I could connect in person to share how much your support and positive energy have meant to me.

I am also so grateful that the Kevin Babington Foundation has made it possible for me to extend my stay at the Shephard Spinal Cord Center which will allow me to make more progress before returning home to Virginia. Once I am back home, I will continue therapy to build back my strength and mobility. The doctors have told me to expect 50% of my recovery at the end of three months and 50% more in the next year and a half. It will be a long road, but I know more improvement is possible.

Every day is still incredibly hard. There are ups and downs, but also, I am seeing and feeling real progress. The simplest things are major milestones. I can now stand and take steps with assistance. I can eat with a fork, as well as brush my own teeth. On the therapy treadmill I am now able to support 70% of my own body weight.

My legs are stronger, and my movement is much improved. Use of my hands and fine motor skills are thus far extremely limited, but this is expected.

I have a long way to go, but with your support and continued therapy, I know I can keep making headway. I plan to be at the Piedmont Jumper Classic and want to thank the show organizers and community for planning the “Jump for Kim” KBF fundraising effort. The generosity and support of this incredible community is humbling and motivates me every day. Thank you. I hope to see you in Virginia in September.

With my deepest appreciation,