The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Recognizes Your Hard Work and Dedication Like No Other Jumper Show

As a rider of meager talents myself I have been consistently perplexed even frustrated when, on the very rare occasion I win a class or even make it into the ribbons it’s codified like I won some tiny pie eating contest at some back yard barbeque.  This is hard work gang, for all involved, riders, trainers, parents, and care givers.  When you succeed it’s in my view a very big deal, said Jeff Papows Founder and Chairman of the SOJT.  Standing on a podium, with your peers, hanging that medal around your neck, hearing your National Anthem played, splashing the champagne, walking away with a serious hunk of crystal, a ribbon the length of your arm and a having a crowd there to take it all in is fitting tribute to the tenacity and commitment it takes to succeed at any level in the sport of Show Jumping.  I can’t tell you why so many other shows don’t act in the same way but I can tell you we will bend over backwards to make your team feel like the champions they are.  It’s not just a matter for our many elite athletes but for the amateur or Adult Jumper, their success is of equal significance to them and their supporters.

The 2017 addition of the SOJT will be no different.  Win the D.G. Ventures Mini Prix and drive away on a brand spanking new fully tricked out Vespa Scooter, worth several thousand dollars in addition to the significant prize money of course.  The Vespa as in the case of the last five years, provided through the generous sponsorship of Herb Chambers the official Vehicle Dealer of Silver Oak.  Win the Agero Grand Prix and in addition to the lion’s share of the $75,000.00 in prize money win a customized trunk, pictured here provided through the enormous talents and generous support of Top Jocks tack boxes.  The protected photography, design, craftsmanship make this a keep sake you will use and take pride in for decades.  Win any class the week of August 16th -20th during your stay with us and reap the richly deserved rewards and recognition.  Ribbons, trophies, coolers, cash, award winning photography compliments of Andrew Ryback Photography capturing these precious moments.  Significantly we regularly get the spectators others don’t, by the thousands.  In fact the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is Nationally televised by our long standing partner NESN ( New England Sports Network ) which is broadcast to some five million people.  So come and let us graciously play your hosts and be a TV star.


More importantly come and participate, let us treat you like the valued customer you truly are. Eat in some of New England’s best seafood restaurants, enjoy the waterfront and beautiful surroundings all assured by relaxed competition schedules that end by five o’clock each day. Be wined and dined, sit in the comfort of our famous rider’s tent / lounge sitting back on leather couches ringside and enjoy the company of your colleagues in the sport under the most comfortable and relaxed conditions. Enjoy our Friday night festivities, barbeque, Polynesian dancers, annual volleyball farm volleyball tournament and more. In short come and be appreciated and be part of something truly different, all to the benefit of our 501c3 charity status and support of Danny and Ron’s Dog Rescue and the Omega Horse Rescue fund. Enter now and know we are hard at work to make your experience something truly unique.

A 501(c)3 charitable organization, The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is one of the country’s highest rated, USEF-five star Jumper only Shows. Featuring the country’s best grass and all weather GGT-footing, top course designers like Olaf Petersen, Jr., The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is true to its mission statement as “the rider’s horse show”. We are happy to announce that our 2017 show will be supporting Danny & Ron’s Rescue, and The Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. This dovetails perfectly with the magnificent efforts of our perennial presenting sponsor, Victoria McCullough of the Davis McCullough foundation, who is singularly responsible for thousands of rescues and adoptions of horses otherwise destined for slaughter, and spearheading government efforts that have effectively banned horse slaughter in this country. When you combine our charitable support of this wonderful animal rescue organizations and the lavish attention to all our riders it’s a winning combination. Please join us and be part of something very special.