Fieldstone Show Park is proud to announce a new partnership with Baystate Structures.

Baystate Structures works with residential and commercial clients who are passionate about their properties and looking to enhance them with a place to relax, entertain, or bring people together. Baystate Structures designs and builds personalized outdoor structures such as Pavilions, Pergolas, Poolhouses, Gazeboes, and Garages. We are passionate about listening to the customer’s needs and dreams and excited about fulfilling them.

New buildings and pavilions add to an enormous list of facility improvements at Fieldstone Show Park.

Scott Clawson and Jeff Papows, friends for decades, have over the last several years formed a strong and highly productive partnership.  The incredible property at Fieldstone Show Park boasts the best jumping surfaces with both GGT all weather rings and the immense and beautiful grass Grand Prix field.  In the past few years, miles of underground drainage, additional elevated VIP viewing areas and a spectacular jump inventory have all been the focus of never ending attention to the property.   It is one of many reasons The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament has been blessed with recognition by the NARG on the top twenty-five list.

This August, however, will be Fieldstone’s crowning accomplishment with the addition of yet another all-weather ring, further lavish attention to the Grand Prix field which has resulted in the lushest and most ideal conditions imaginable.  Further, an entire new vendor area has been built with beautiful landscaping, increased power and electrical connections with an ideal location.  In addition, a new, large and beautiful Judges’ house will be situated on the Grand Prix field complete with more room, power, beautiful roof lines and more.  A new awards building will be in placed along with a new gazebo for viewing from another elevated vantage point proximate to the Grand Prix field.  Finally, duel pergolas for the farrier and veterinary services located closer to the stabling areas will be in place.  This is all being done through a partnership with Bay State Structures who has been building high quality buildings in New England for decades.  If all of this wasn’t enough to top it off, a new incredible, state-of-the-art sound system has been installed on the property as well.

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament and Fieldstone Show Park have also set out to ensure this August boasts some new, different and very high quality jump inventory.  Scott and Jeff have partnered and together purchased many new jumps constructed both by Olaf Petersen in Germany and shipped to us from Europe, as well as Tuck Richards in Dallas, Texas adding some new items you simply won’t see anyplace else to include a replica of the Spruce Meadows’ famous bicycle jump.    And don’t forget, Alan Wade of Ireland, one of the world’s top course designers, will be designing courses for us, The Silver Oak Jumper tournament in August.