Canine Support Teams

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is proud to announce a new sponsor – Canine Support Teams

Since 1989, Canine Support Team’s (CST) mission has been to provide specially trained dogs to persons with disabilities to support their personal, social, and occupational independence. Their mission and work are perfectly aligned with Silver Oak’s commitment to K9 and Horse rescue and the sport of Show Jumping.

We need look no further than the partnership being lovingly prepared for Kevin Babington with his future service dog, Samantha. Her training encompasses two years and three phases, the last of which are focused on Kevin’s personal needs. It is our greatest hope that she provides him with the gift of independence, and a support system through his journey to recovery.

CST service dogs assist with a variety of tasks, such as walking with and beside a wheelchair or walker, retrieving dropped items, turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, pressing elevator buttons, pulling off socks and sweaters, and even the ability to press a central alarm panic button in the case of an emergency. Thanks to teams paired by CST, hundreds of individuals have been able return to the activities that enrich their lives.

“I love what CST does. The fact that they have the ability to provide these dogs at a reduced cost to those in need through generous donors and grants is remarkable considering the significant expense of acquiring and training these wonderful animals, and that makes their work even more special.  I’m inspired, and if all that weren’t enough, with partners being paired with disabled veterans what more can you ask.  As a veteran myself, it’s something that really ignites my desire to help,” said Jeff Papows, SOJT Founder and Chairman.

Canine Support Teams places an average of 30 dogs annually. Notably, more than 80% of the program’s service dogs go to veterans free of charge through their Pawz for Wounded Veterans Program.

CST’s great work is accomplished by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. In addition to a small team of trainers and kennel managers, future service dogs are raised and socialized by volunteer Puppy Raisers and then trained by volunteer inmate trainers in CST’s Prison Pup program, a unique program founded by CST in 2002 that serves as a model for other programs across the country today.

Silver Oak is honored to partner with Canine Support Teams. “Jeff’s decade of work with Silver Oak has inspired our sponsorship of this great organization and we look forward to working together to help more people in need,” said  Carol Roquemore, CST Founder and President.