Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Day 1 Recap – Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is BACK, and with proper social distancing and plenty of sanitizer on deck, we’re elated to be to be holding this year’s events in what will hopefully become the new home of SOJT in Traverse City, Michigan! A monumental and stunning venue, the Flintfields Horse Park is a marvel of the equestrian sport in this country, so impressive in size, beauty and functionality that even the strong winds off of the lake today couldn’t take away from the sheer enjoyment of being on the new grounds!

We at Silver Oak, including our CEO Jeff Papows are extremely pleased with the results so for for our collaborative efforts with the Morrissey Management Group. And we’re not the only ones since this is truly a space that fulfills all of the needs of our riders and of course the horses, if the well over 1,100 horse turnout is any indication so far… Classes are overflowing with upwards of seventy, eighty, and even over ninety riders in some rings. Even in the Grand Prix arena, where the competition is already warming up for the GGT Welcome Stakes on Friday, one of the 1.20m classes alone had 92 riders! We can’t wait to see things continue to vamp with Sunny and seventies forcast for the rest of the week as we approach the Welcome and even more over the weekend, including the 1.35m Kevin Babington Benefit Classic Saturday, and the final $75,000 Agero Grand Prix on Sunday.

From one of the largest classes with over 90 horses here is a great shot of one competitor, Michael Murphy riding Katmandul, and winning the 1.20m in today the Turtle Creek International arena

John Madden
Smartpak & GGT- Footing™

Jeff Papows & Diana Babington
McCullough Foundation

Schuyler Riley

Chris Kappler
GGT- Footing™

GGT Welcome Winner
Shane Sweetnam

Diana Babington

Nikko Ritter
Platinum Performance & GGT- Footing™

Paul O’Shea
Smartpak, Rood & Riddle & Stud Tree

GGT Welcome Winner
Natalie Dean

Diana Babington
GGT- Footing™

Alberto Michan Interview

Jeff Papows & Diana Babington

Doug Boyd
WEC & Tequestrian

Diana Babington
NextGen Aviation

SOJT History with
Frank Waters