Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Day 2 – Thursday, August 15, 2019

“It was big, and well… that’s Olaf!“ These were just a few of a plethora of kind words used to describe events here on Day Two of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, and even more excitingly came straight from eminent Olympian Anne Kursinski. Today, as she remarked on her fabulous day of competition and fun, Anne made it very clear to the SOJT press team that she was more than glad to be back competing at Silver Oak. It doesn’t hurt that she happened to find herself a down-right gorgeous win in today’s main event, the $10,000 GGT Footing Welcome Stakes over a 1.45m course. 

Having shown and competed with us almost eight years ago when we were still in New Hampshire, she’s been itching to pencil this horse show back into what we all know is an already packed summer schedule for any show barn. Upon coming to the Halifax show this year for the first time, she was simply blown away. “It’s wonderful to be back after hearing so many great things about it up here, and today it lived up to that and more. The ring and footing were great, we couldn’t have asked for better riding weather, and the facility is just fantastic…we will absolutely be back next year. All of my students wanted to ride here this season, so I was just delighted that we were actually able to come.” 

Along with her constant praise of this impressive facility and the diligent care that goes into every last detail, she also had plenty of good things to say about SOJT’s brilliant and highly esteemed head course designer Olaf Peterson Jr.. “He’s always got this great feel for the horses and competitors; he knows everybody, and then he’s an outstanding course designer on top of all that…. He exudes quality and his standard is the maximum in the best kind of way. I think very often with his courses that a lot of horses and people really get to learn from them and that’s what I, and I know many other people as well, love about them the most.” And it isn’t just a blast for the riders, but just as exhilarating, and almost enchanting to even watch from the rail! 

We are still only on the second day of events yet, and there is so much in store for both riders and spectators alike. Tomorrow’s $7,500 Speed Derby, being held in Fieldstone’s gorgeous grass field, is bound to have you at the edge of your seat and will be just one of still even better acts to follow over the weekend. So come and see for yourself (it sure paid off for Kursinski and her people), and don’t miss out before it’s all over this Sunday!