Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Day 2 Recap – Thursday, September 3, 2020

Day two has come and gone here at the Flintfields Horse Park for the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament and the classes across the property are bustling with competitors! This morning we were off to a wonderful start in all arenas, and the Turtle Creek International arena (the location for tomorrow’s GGT Welcome Stakes and other feature events this weekend) was no exception.

One special young rider who stood out among the crowd was Gwyneth Babington, aboard the equally talented Mark Q. She rode in several classes today, placing well within top ten in classes upwards of sixty and seventy riders, and all the while warming herself up with each run to ride for her dad in the special feature event this Saturday, the Babington Benefit Classic. A natural athlete and professional, even after one of the more difficult rounds today, instead of letting herself get down, she told our CEO Jeff Papows, “My dad has so much on his shoulders, I just need to ride perfectly right now, for him.” and that has simply struck a chord with all of us as a true testament to the power and beauty of passion and dedication in our sport.

And there will be plenty more to come from so many great riders that will be competing this weekend, all the way up to the grand finale that is the $75,000, 1.60m Agero Grand Prix. There is still so much in store this year, here at Silver Oak Jumper Tournament!

Gwyneth Babington 

John Madden
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Jeff Papows & Diana Babington
McCullough Foundation

Schuyler Riley

Chris Kappler
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GGT Welcome Winner
Shane Sweetnam

Diana Babington

Nikko Ritter
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Paul O’Shea
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GGT Welcome Winner
Natalie Dean

Diana Babington
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Alberto Michan Interview

Jeff Papows & Diana Babington

Doug Boyd
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Diana Babington
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SOJT History with
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