Silver Oak Jumper Tournament 2018
Saturday, Aug. 18th- Day 4 Recap

As the fourth day rolls around here at the sensational Silver Oak Jumper Tournament all, from the young guns to the seasoned vets, had the chance for glory and enjoyed themselves immensely in its pursuit in SOJT’s super variety of classes. The first of the feature classes for the day, the Master’s Classic, got us off to a smooth and steady start as Patricia Hurter cruised aboard her Bachelor into the top spot.

But events did not remain so tame as the rider teams for the Gumbits Farm SOJT Cup, modeled after an FEI Nations Cup, sprung into action. The three teams of three riders, sporting matching team color polos provided by SOJT, duked it out over flamboyant 1.20m and 1.25m fences for not only bragging rights, but also the snazzy Silver Oak Metropolitan Honda Scooter! Even Peter Wylde partook in the fun class aboard six year-old mount Gemino with amateur teammates Morgan Wilsberg and Deborah W. Perkins. But victory would not find him on the field today as the all Junior team of Lauren Berardino, Samantha Hamsavi and Klee Hellerman nudged he and his partners into second in a great jump-off with all the thrills of a Nations Cup (and fortunately no spills too!)!

We went back to the barn to find Lauren and her teammates curious about how it felt to not only win a sweet scooter, but to also compete and win against such an icon like Peter Wylde. “Oh it’s so exciting!! I first came here two years ago and showed in the 1.0m jumpers, so it was really exciting to come back and get to show not only in the 1.20m Farm Cup, but also against someone like Peter Wylde! This has become one of my favorite shows to go to, so I was so disappointed when my barn couldn’t make it here last year. I felt very lucky when I found out it was put on the schedule for this year.” When questioned about the scooter, Lauren smiled and responded laughingly, “That was our motivation! I mean how many times do you get to ride and be competing for an actual scooter?? Oh we were going for it; you couldn’t keep us away!!” Partners in crime Sam Hamzavi and Klee Hellerman shared similar sentiments and couldn’t believe the opportunity, nor that they had actually pulled it off!! Hellerman, who had an overall great day also nabbing first in the GP arena for the 1.20m Equifit sponsored Low Jr. A/O Classic, made the additional comment that the Farm Cup “was a great class for this kind of horse show, and for riders learning how to jump at higher levels and in the Nations Cup format.”
Another skillful young competitor in the ribbons today was eighteen year-old Jordyn Rose Freedman atop her own mount Feeling in the final feature event in the Grand Prix arena, the High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Classic at the impressive 1.40m height. Exultant over her win in the GP ring the young rider also lavished Silver Oak with multiple compliments making the point that “this show is very special (to me) because I came here on ponies and used to do the pony derbies in the GP ring, so being able to do it now as an amateur, this was my first year, riding against the other amateurs was definitely a big deal for me. There are some really talented riders here, so it feels special to have a victory against them.” College bound, the young intellectual also shared a few mature compliments to world renowned course designer Olaf Petersen Jr. saying, ““All of the conditions were simply great; I really enjoyed the course. There were some nice challenging bending lines out there and it was both fun and well-designed.”

Now, as we ready ourselves for the final day of festivities and competition we can hardly believe this phenomenal event must come to an end. That said, the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is definitely not done yet! The results of the Rood&Riddle Mini Prix (9:00 AM) and Agero Grand Prix (1:00 PM) still await to be determined, and riders hopeful for the prized championship eagerly anticipate the chance to prove their grit!

Jordyn Rose Freedman and Feeling placed 1st in the High Junior /Amateur Owner Jumper Classic 1.40

Patricia Hurter and Bachelor placed 1st in the Masters 1.05

Alexandria Indeglia and Hans placed 1st in the NAL/WIHS Madison S. S. High Adult Classic 1.10

Lauren Berardino and D'artagnan 206, Klee Hellerman and Cinco De Mayo, and Samantha P. Hamzavi and Cool Man W won the Gumbits Farm SOJT Cup!