Sunset at Silver Oak Jumper Tournament belongs to the Riders
The horses may take center stage during the day, but once the sun slides towards the horizon, it’s all about fun, family and friends.

Rider’s Meet and Greet – A Chance to Hear from Olympians and Icons of the Sport
On Thursday evening, the popular Rider’s Meet and Greet featured questions from a large audience of equestrian enthusiasts, young and old.  The riders in the panel included Candice King, Joe Fargis, Peter Leone, Kevin Babington, and Peter Wylde along with Jeff Papows as the moderator.  “The young riders get so into the process; and the veterans really enjoy the time to share their stories and insights on horses and competing at high-levels,” said Jeff adding, “Peter Wylde said to me, “It’s the most important thing I’ve ever done at a horse show.””

p1-day-four-news-SOJT(from left to right) Peter Leone, Peter Wyle, Jeff Papows (moderator), Joe Fargis, Candice King and course designer Alan Wade.

p2-day-four-news-SOJTJeff Papows answering questions from the audience.

Harry and Snowman Movie Premiere
On Thursday evening the Grand Prix field became the viewing location for the movie premiere of the highly anticipated Harry and Snowman.  Riders watched the iconic film on the jumbo digital screen while the crickets chirped in the background.

p3-day-four-news-SOJTHarry and Snowman movie premiere

The Second Annual Silver Oak Volleyball Tournament, Hawaiian Luau and Family Barbeque

On Friday evening the Annex sand ring transformed into the perfect spot for the Second Annual Silver Oak Volleyball Tournament.  Six teams battled for more two hours in a single elimination format until the Silver Oak Dream Team, led by show manager Mike Belisle, emerged victorious. Spectators could view the intense competition from under the VIP tent that featured Polynesian Fusion dancers, Hawaiian music, limbo lessons for the kids, and a delicious barbeque for all.  Even some of the smaller four legged friends wanted to participate in the festivities.

So what makes a successful Silver Oak Jumper Tournament?

“There are four primary things that makes this unique show so successful,” said Papows.  “They include quality of the facility and footing, the caliber of the course designers, the hospitality – being treated like customers not a number; and lastly, the caliber of the sport.  I think we’ve delivered on all four,” he said proudly.

“People are raving about the quality of footing and the course design, not to mention, we meticulously took the time to manage the schedule to make sure we were done by four or five every afternoon.”

Essentially what makes it so successful is the focus on quality – from the quality of the experience to the care of the horses and participants.  “That is why it sells out each year,” Papows said.

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography