The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament to Present the FilmRise Release: Harry & Snowman

Thursday evening, August 18, following the popular “Meet and Greet” autograph session everyone is invited to enjoy an advanced screening of Harry & Snowman. This is an amazing film which will hit theaters on 9/30/2016.

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is partnering with the Snowman Rescue Fund to benefit the United States Hunter Jumper Association Assistance Fund.

“I’m so excited to partner with this great charity and to be able to bring this dramatic movie to our riders, trainers and the public.  The story of how a horse destined for slaughter went on to love and care for a family, record multiple American Grand Prix Association national titles and delight Madison Square Garden with his athleticism and generosity is the stuff of a true show jumping legend”, said Jeff Papows the SOJT Founder and Chairman.   This amazing horse also represented the United States at the World Championships in Sweden in 1983, and was recognized by the United States Equestrian Foundation with a Pegasus Medal of Honor in 2002 for his lifetime contributions to the sport.  Snowman was a guest on the Tonight Show, was the subject of three bestselling books and twice profiled in Life Magazine.

Harry & Snowman will delight and entertain and engage you from the opening minute.  Advocacy efforts tied to the film include initiatives that support lifesaving work of animal rights groups, and rescue shelters.  The synergy with the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, which is presented by the Davis McCullough Foundation–who through the tireless efforts of our own Victoria McCullough has done more to eliminate horse slaughter in the United States and Europe–could not be more perfect.

As the rider’s horse show, we endeavor to provide a level of hospitality and a truly gracious experience unmatched by other horse shows.  This is yet one more reason of many to be sure you are among the exhibitors present August 17 – August 21 of this year.  This is but one more example of the generosity, courage and nobility of the horses we love so dearly.  Be with us for this special evening, but enter online soon as like 2015, we will sell out and stop accepting entries at five hundred horses to ensure relaxed schedules and utopian jumping surfaces.

THE SNOWMAN RESCUE FUND supports Omega Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, which gives other slaughter bound horses the same chance that Snowman had to become a part of a loving family. Omega has placed more than 1,200 horses since its foundation in 1997 and rescues slaughter bound horses from the New Holland Auction, the same auction where Harry deLeyer rescued Snowman in 1956. Omega saves, rehabilitates, re-trains and prepares horses for adoption into new homes.

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