Flexi Equine Update These Lockers Truly Are the Best

Feb 17, 2021

Some weeks back we introduced you to a new Silver Oak Sponsor Flexi Equine.  They manufacture aluminum Tack lockers being used all over the world including the USA Equestrian Team’s travels to the Tokyo Olympics pending.

Like many of the SOJT products I use them personally so I can speak to their products from experience.  I have had a saddle locker, that includes storage for my show coats, horse boots and other items for a few years now. 

Recently they delivered this custom bridle locker which solves a problem I have in my barn with dust affecting the ridiculous array of bridles I keep in place.  You would think I had a much larger string of horses, but I am lazy about swapping out bits. 

The new locker is pictured below, and I must tell you; dust problem solved, organization perfect for a self-professed type “A” maniac.  I love it and I am betting many of you have similar challenges.  The great thing is when it comes to going to a show, I just wheel these two lockers on the truck, and I have nothing to think about except all the ways I can screw up my time in the ring.  Check them out in the sponsor section of our website @ www.silveroakjumpertournament.com


Jeff Papows, PhD
President & CEO

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