GGT Footing Welcome Stake Sponsor

As has been the case since the founding of The Silver Jumper Tournament, Cynthia Keating and the team at GGT Footing are partnering in this the nineth edition of the SOJT to take place again in Traverse City, Michigan September 8 – 12, 2021.   We are so grateful for their ongoing support.

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament was founded as a 501c3 supporting K9 and equine rescue, as well as Kevin Babington’s recovery.  It is about quality, top sport and the soul of something gracious and friendly with zero sacrifices in quality.  We found the perfect partner in The Morrissey Management Group, and a true kindred spirit in Cynthia and GGT.

Once again, they will be the title sponsor of “The GGT Footing Welcome Stake” on Friday September 10.  Last year’s class saw 116 horses go through the starting gate.  This year’s affair is a CSI 3* 1.45m classic, with $36,600 in prize money.

“I have a long history with GGT, and they are simply the best.  My own horses simply will not show anywhere that is not GGT footing to include what they jump on at home.  It is the best product, and it has great and knowledgeable service and Cynthia is always there to champion the sport in its highest Traditions,” said Jeff Papows, Founder and Chairman of The SOJT.