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Jumper Bridle Elite will donate profits from these items to the Kevin Babington Foundation in 2023

Okay I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of a good deal of OCD, a bit of a perfectionist. Too bad it doesn’t translate to my riding. The jumps in my ring have to be perfect, bright, beautiful, clean, my horses are turned out every day like it’s a top show even when we are on the farm. I hate having to fuss with keepers that stretch, slip and move, places on a figure eight piece where padding doesn’t exist on the rings closest the horses cheek bones. A lack of three of four keepers sewn in place allowing for adjustability with no effort slipping or movement. As a service to all my friends in the sport I’ve also found a manufacturers who produces and prices these fastidious works of art without requiring a big outlay of dollars.

Here are some images and their product explanations aligned with my pet peeves. Have a look. I was blown away with the quality, craftsmanship, design and response. I ordered three and had them in ten days, simply incredible. For example a jumper bridle with rubber no slip reins for $260.00 much more affordable, chest plates and martingales complete with hardware in all the right places for $165.00. Affordable but with a better design. I have no stake in the supplier, I’m not selling you anything I’m passing along my recommendation, thoughts and nothing more. That said their generous act donating profits from these items for all of 2023 has blown me away. Support the Babington Foundation with each purchase.

Warmest Regards

The Babington Foundation


Drum Dyed Bio-degradable Leather Jumper breastplate with soft leather padded wither band and center point, 38mm wide elasticated shoulder bands for extra comfort with adjustable quick fastening.

Saddle connector straps on both sides,  long adjustable girth link strap with roller buckle with extra keepers and fastening to girth with a quick snap hook.

A quick detachable and adjustable running martingale with elastic in the middle to provide extra room for head movement while riding. Stainless steel fittings.

These items solve every nagging problem such as slipping keepers, not enough keepers or a lack of padding where needed.

$155.00 each   Click here to order


Drum Dyed Bio-degradable Leather Jumper’s bridle 10mm wide with soft leather padded anatomical head band, square raised and padded browband , fine raised and padded Figure-8 noseband and padded cheek rings for extra comfort.

Entire bridle has white stitching’s, thick white faux fur padding at center point of noseband , cheek straps have extra keepers sewn in place at last no moving slipping or stretching. Stainless steel fittings.

$195.00 each   Click here to order


Drum Dyed Bio-degradable Leather Soft Grip Reins 16mm wide with soft leather covered grip Stainless steel studs fastening.

$60.00 each   Click here to order