Kevin Babington Update May 2020

by | May 21, 2020

I’ve gotten so many messages asking for any new information on Kevin’s progress I’m sending out a new update.  Kevin continues to make amazing progress.  It comes in small but important steps.  He now has more “controlled mobility” in his right hand.  He has “sensation” while inconsistent, in his legs and even feet and his middle core from time to time.  This is a change from early on when none of those signs were there .   His voice is stronger.  All good signs. Kevin continues with Dianna’s help to work for every breakthrough. His time alternates between a hyperbaric chamber, grueling physical therapy, stretching and his stem bike.

In the meantime, Dianna continues to teach, train, ride and work with clients at all levels, rebuilding their business.  Also, Babington Mills dust free bedding product, (it’s chopped straw), with the fines and dust removed, continue to gain traction with new barns and customers.  Having used the bedding, myself it’s easier to keep clean, more absorbent, lighter, far more biodegradable and in fact totally devoid of any dust saving a ton of work.

Help us help Kevin continue his valiant and tenacious struggle to rebuild his life.  These are two links, one for each of the bedding and feed products offered by Babington Mills.  They are short and instructive.  Please take ninety seconds and click through.  Referrals to barns, your favorite feed store and orders all help Kevin immensely and improve the health, welfare and labor concerns in your barns.


Thanks, we at Silver Oak Jumper Tournament will keep you abreast.

See the love of my life, Merlin aka EuroStar relaxing on Babington Bedding does he look cozy or what.