Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Silent Auctions Continue to Benefit Danny & Ron’s Rescue

McLain Ward generously providing historic championship coolers for auction

The first two iterations of the charity auctions which began during the SOJT last August, and in the case of chapter II more recently six weeks ago, were screaming successes. These efforts made possible through the incredibly generous efforts of McLain Ward, aided by the Plaid Clothes Horse have raised thousands of dollars to rescue horses in desperate need of The Danny & Ron’s Rescue’s very able help. Once again, it can’t be said enough our thanks to McLain and Castle Hill Farm.

In chapter three once again my own horses Merlin and Lady Guinevere shamelessly model our new offering which include “The $100,000.00 President’s Cup Cooler from the Washington International President’s Cup Grand Prix and the National Rolex Championship Cooler.

With the holidays approaching kill two birds with one stone, gain an astonishingly historic and unique Holiday gift for a loved one and in the spirit of giving help rescue another deserving horse. The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament also a 501c3 charity established to promote the highest levels of Show Jumping and a uniquely gracious exhibitor experience is proud to collaborate with the Plaid Clothes Horse and the Danny & Ron’s Rescue in these critical efforts.

All the best and while I’m at it; Happy Holidays from all of us at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.

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