The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

2022 SOJT Show Recap

Day Three Recap Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament – Presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation

Today was a special day at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament. It marked the third annual running of our Babington Benefit Classic, an event that has become somewhat of a trademark of the show.

With a field full of impressive juniors, amateurs, and elite professionals alike, all were unified under a banner of orange, white, and green in the spirit of comradery. A stunning course, once again designed by the brilliant Olaf Peterson Jr., was set at 1.25m to be equally inclusive and yet still a clever challenge for all competitors; the centerpiece, without a doubt, the spectacular “Babington Wall” commissioned by our own Jeff Papows, specifically for the original class three years ago.

It was an impressive turnout, and the passion and spirit of the event was palpable in every ride that flew over the course as Kevin watched on the livestream by ClipMyHorse.TV. It could even be said that there was a familial atmosphere, particularly as both Sweetnams, Shane and his daughter Olivia, took part in the class.  Eric Navet of France, another decorated Olympian, made Kevin’s day by appearing in the class. Jeff got a text mid from Kevin, genuinely touched by the Olympian’s appearance in his name.  “They are my heroes” texted Kevin.

After a fun first round there were eight to remain in the jump-off, and after all was said and done, the victory was earned by young rider Owen Gajoch aboard Katmandu L. He was very closely followed by Kelly Soleau-Millar, who was less than 0.2 seconds off his winning time, with Lisa Goldman-Smolen taking the third podium spot aboard the fittingly named, Shamroc.

Although tomorrow we will be saddened when once again events must come to their eventual close for this year, there is still one last treat for all to enjoy. The $147,000 CSI 3* Agero Grand Prix, set at a teetering 1.60m is sure to bring the cream to the top; a fitting end to a week filled to the brim with action. Also, we will see the conclusion of the Malvern Bank leading rider board, of which the current standings are listed below.  At Jeff’s insistence we will also honor the five leading groom’s whose horses were winners in the many CSI 3* challenges.  “These men and women are the real back bone of our sport, and they never get the full credit they deserve in my view,” said Dr. Papows. 

Malvern Bank Leading Men’s Rider:
Shane Sweetnam
Santiago Lambre Della Groce
Roberto Teran Tafur

Malvern Bank Leading Women’s Rider:
Lisa Goldman-Smolen
Kelly Soleau-Millar
Liz Porath

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography