The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

2021 Show Recap

Day Two Recap Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Silver Oak Jumper Tournament – Presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation

A sunny day two has now come and gone, at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, 2021! As promised, there was plenty of action and fun to be had in the day’s events, especially in the Grand Prix arena. The first featured event was the 1.45m Open Speed class, a ranked and high-class CSI 3* for a top prize of $36,000. This class, which was very graciously sponsored by Malvern Bank, truly generated a palpable hype and a fantastic bit of competition for all. With big names in our sport like Shane Sweetnam, Quentin Judge, and others in the line-up it was a stiff competition over a very fast course. Young rider Grace Debney, after already winning the class just before sponsored again by Rood & Riddle, strode to victory. This was Debney’s first ever win in a class of this caliber and ranking, and she truly demonstrated how given the right atmosphere, riders of all ages are able to prove their stuff right alongside the pros! 

The final class of the day was the Stud Tree High A/O Jumpers sponsored by Silver Oak’s long-time supporter, Carol Coleman.  Giving a professional, excellent show experience for all of our horses and riders is a core aspect of this horse show, and it’s classes like this that truly embody that promise. Winning rider Vanessa Hood secured a strong victory aboard (need to get horse name), and with that the day’s excitement was officially mellowing out… at least until tomorrow, that is! 

Stay tuned for our $36,000 CSI 3*, our GGT Welcome Stakes that is sure to draw in some incredible riders, and turn out a wonderful competition you won’t want to miss. Of course, we cannot forget about Saturday’s Benefit Classic for Kevin Babington to show our support for a true hero of our sport, and last but in no-way the least will be the grand finale on Sunday, the $137,000 Agero Grand Prix. We’ll see you there! 

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography

High Jr A/O

High Jr A/O Winning Rider Vanessa Hoo

Malvern Bank sponsored $37,000 CSI 3

CSI 3 Winner Grace Debney