The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Spinal Cord Injury: Safety, Support and Community

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Sep 20, 2022, 4:15 PM EST

Jeff Papows, US Equestrian amateur jumper rider, President of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, former Marine and accomplished CEO, has made it his mission to raise awareness for spinal cord safety and to spearhead fundraising efforts for riders who have sustained spinal cord injuries. When his dear friend and celebrated Irish Grand Prix rider Kevin Babington experienced a tragic accident and complete spinal cord injury in 2019, Jeff stepped up and founded the Kevin Babington Foundation (KBF) with the help of other equestrians to generate awareness, support spinal cord research, and raise needed funds for Kevin’s rehabilitation, recovery, and care. The KBF has been instrumental in supporting not only Kevin, but David Biesel, Alexis Halpert, and Kimberly Prince. To date, the organization has raised an excess of 2 million dollars and about 94% of those funds have gone to athletes in need of medical and care. Jeff volunteers his time to the cause.

Jeff is a tremendous resource to the equestrian community, but he is quick to turn the focus onto others and has galvanized equestrians across the country to support injured fellow riders. He is a huge proponent of safety vests, research, and rehabilitation and has championed creative community fundraising efforts like Jump for Kevin and Ride for Kim. To learn more about spinal cord injury, the journeys of fellow equestrians Kevin, David, Alexis and Kim, and to contribute to the Kevin Babington Foundation visit the Kevin Babington Foundation website and sign up for the newsletter.