Anderson Lima, Course Designer The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament at Ox Ridge, June 2020

This year we are happy to be working with Anderson Lima as our Course Designer at our new home in Darien, Connecticut—Ox Ridge.  With Jeff Papows’ perennial favorite, Olaf Petersen, Jr. occupied at Spruce Meadows in June during the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, Anderson Lima has been signed to take charge of the most important task of course design.

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament will take place June 9 – 14, 2020 at Ox Ridge.   The best horse and rider experience are of paramount importance which has always been the collaborative vision of both Olaf and Jeff.  Anderson will undertake the same approach.  “Olaf, Anderson and I have talked extensively, and we are of one mind, a positive experience first and foremost, said Jeff Papows.”  Olaf will be building at Spruce Meadow’s famed International Ring the same week as the SOJT, but will return to Silver Oak in June, 2021. 

Anderson Lima is one of the world’s premier designers.  His experience includes work at the Pan American Games in Santo Domino, Dominicap Republic;  the South American Games in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Spruce Meadows; the 2007, 2009 and 2015 World Cup Finals in Las Vegas and competitions from the Winter Equestrian Festival, Tyron, and almost every country in which our great sport is contested.  These include Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany and Peru. 

Silver Oak athletes will be well-cared for under Anderson’s careful eye and the tradition of horses and riders first, will continue to be the hallmark of The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.  “I’m thrilled to be working with Jeff and the team at Silver Oak.   Olaf tells me this is his favorite horse show in the United States and raves about the atmosphere and the passion behind it these past eight years.  I feel a great responsibility to carry on in Olaf’s place”, said Anderson Lima. 

Be sure to put The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament at Ox Ridge, put it on your calenders, June 9 – June 14, 2020.   We are very excited for this year’s event.