The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation

The SOJT Farm Cup, 2018 A Saturday Highlight Sponsored by Gumbits

Last year nine teams of three riders each took the field to compete. Nation’s cup format. The high fault score is discarded and the teams scores compared. In the event of equality of faults as was the case last year, the designated anchor rider for each team will jump off against the clock. The course specifications are set to “a kind” 1.15M height, as will again be the case this year. Any combination of amateurs and or professionals is accommodated.

Riders will enjoy a lavish podium presentation with individual and team trophies, ribbons, sashes, medals, and champagne and all the trimmings to include the playing of the wining team’s National Anthem.

The SOJT will supply each team with beautiful polos. This year’s Farm Cup is Sponsored by Gumbits, “chewing gum for horses”, a truly unique product that’s a great training treat and encourages acceptance of the bit.

We will limit the competition to ten teams to keep the day moving so email us early: Send your team names directly to