The Tech Equestrian Joins growing list of Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Sponsors as the Presenting Sponsor for the SOJT Young Horse Divisions

The Tech Equestrian is a blog and digital resource for equestrians who are looking for insights on the latest technology innovations that are coming into the horse world. Founder, Juliana Chapman is a lifelong equestrian, technology marketer and published author and has interviewed to date more than 30 national and international horse tech vendors. Innovations include apps designed for performance and safety, to barn management software to wearables that can monitor the health of our equine partners. Simply visit: to learn more and subscribe for exclusive content. You can also follow The Tech Equestrian on Instagram (@techequestrian); Facebook (@thetechequestrian) and Twitter (@tech_equestrian)

Recent blog posts include for example:

WalkPro: Your Digital Guide to the Perfect Jumping Round

Carolina Villanueva Suarez is an accomplished young Grand Prix rider and is now the creator of a revolutionary new app called WalkPro that turns your steps into strides. Simply follow the quick tutorial and head out on your course walk – record steps and the app will turn it into strides to give you a more intelligent ride. 

“This is a long-needed resource said Jeff Papows, PhD Founder and Chairman of the SOJT and a lifelong technology executive who lead such global enterprises as Lotus and Cognos.  The WalkPro App for example is my new favorite tool.  As complex as all our lives are as amateur, never mind professional equestrians we need the help technology can provide.  I highly recommend Juliana Chapman, Founder and CEO

“I am excited to be a part of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, and have long admired the quality and contributions they make to the sport, it’s an association I’m thrilled to support” said Julian Chapman Founder and CEO.