2014 Welcome to Silver Oak Jumper Tournament 2014

Welcome to Silver Oak Jumper Tournament 2014

The inaugural Silver Oak Jumper Tournament was by all measures that matter to our human and equine athletes, a great success.  I would honestly classify our efforts as a unique “boutique Jumper only” show.  This is a distinctive event run true to our mission statement as “the rider’s horse show.”  It’s executed for the love of the sport.

Please visit our website, www.silveroakjumpertournament.com26 to see quotes from Leslie Howard, Paul O’Shea, Peter Leone, Candice King, McLain Ward, Darragh Kenny, Darren Graziano, Nicole Bellisimo, Kevin Babington and Olaf Peterson to name a few.  Michael Belisle, a show manager we all know and trust, with experience at Anglestone, the WEF, Ox Ridge and other important venues, not to mention the kind of gracious people skills that complement our mission, will as always manage all the many facets needed to make your experience utopian.

Free beverages, breakfasts for our exhibitors and staff every day, water at every in gate, beverages in the late afternoons in a world class rider’s tent complete with raised flooring which allowed for the best view of the grand prix field and comfortable leather furnishings.  We ended the week in the rider’s tent with a special grand prix breakfast and lunch.  Critically, Olaf Peterson Jr., our course designer, ensured our success.  Olaf will be returning to us again for the 2014 edition.  It’s these touches and focus on you that make us different, along with the more than 7,000 spectators on Sunday we worked hard to attract and educate.

We gave away dramatic three foot ribbons and neck sashes in every class, large crystal and sterling silver punch bowls with walnut bases and awards to include all the typical coolers, embroidered rider jackets and more, even a $5,000.00 Vespa Motor scooter awarded to our champion.

Attention to detail right down to free apples and carrots for the horses in abundance every day morning and afternoon. I relied on Steve Stephens’ jump Inventories in 2013 and loved the quality and creativity of what he provided us, and will again rely on his always new and expanded jump inventory in 2014 for both rings.  In 2013 we invested $185,000.00 in prize money capped off by our $75,000.00 grand prix.

I made very large investments in the maintenance of the Silver Oak property in preparation for 2013 as David Birdsall did before his untimely passing.  It was important to me to return there in 2013 in memory of my dear friend.  For the 2014 season, I am moving to a superior venue a scant sixty four miles further south where I can more directly influence truly quality jumping surfaces both the grass Grand Prix field, as well as the Jumper II all-weather GGT annex.

A new investor in Field Stone Show Park in Halifax, Massachusetts has partnered with me with a vision of truly making this property the best of the East–an East Coast Spruce Meadows want to be. Not a bad thing to aspire to, but it requires massive investments and attention to detail. I have seen plans for improvements to what was already a better-prepared property in 2013.  That work is underway now as you winter in Florida or brave our cold indoors here in the North East this winter.  For those of you who have not shown in Halifax, it is every bit the quality of the Hampton Falls location and there is exceptional existing infrastructure.  I would rather put the investment of incorporating electricity and water each year at Hampton Falls, into prize money and other entities that directly benefit, you, the rider.  At Fieldstone, I will be able to do that as the infrastructure is permanently in place.

Our show, the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, will run August 13 through August 17 of 2014, followed by one more quality week in the same location where Michael Belisle will continue to manage one more consecutive week following my show; for Fieldstone Show Park separate and apart from my special week, but allowing you the option of staying in one place.  The F.S.P. week will be capped off by the MHJ and NEHJ finals.

I ensure you my efforts will continue to be differentiated by the quality of details you enjoyed last year and more. No effort will be spared and you will enjoy an even more unique experience than 2013 represented.

Jeff Papows, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Silver Oak Jumper Tournament moves to Fieldstone Show Park.